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Posted by robd on October 10, 2014
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1. Initial problem, A roaming profile user logs out and the profile isn’t deleted even though the Group policy “Remove roaming user profile on logoff” is set to delete profiles on logoff. I.e. You get this sort of thing in C:\Users\

The left behind profile only seem to contain “TextHarvester.Dat” i.e.

So, what is “TextHarvester.Dat”?

1. The TextHarvester.dat file is related to the Tablet Input Service (Touch and Pen input).
2. The folders are recreated when the Windows Search service is stopped and restarted.
3. Not really related but still relevant – is that Windows Vista/7 stores user profile information in the registry as well as in the filesystem so just deleting User folders isn’t good enough.

After a bunch of googling I found a hotfix:
Which we deployed via WSUS.

But since the faulty profiles are still there, we need to remove them so first to prevent the issue along side the hotfix:
1. Make Windows Search index only relevant stuff via group Policy.

In Group Policy, Enable…
Computer Configuration \ Policies \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Search \ Prevent indexing of certain file types
By default, when you enable this it pre-populates a list of file types including .dat.


2. Download Delprof2.exe from HelgeKlein.

3. Stop the windows search features and Tablet input services and delete the profile with Delprof2.exe, you could make a batch file as below to do this:

net stop WSearch
net stop TabletInputService
DelProf2.exe /u
net start TabletInputService
net start WSearch

Please note the above script came from here: Clicky

4. Deploy the script via shutdown GPO.


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