Force traffic through a Network interface

Posted by robd on November 06, 2012
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Occasionally you may want to force traffic through a specific network interface.

For example, you have a VPN and you don’t want Chrome or IE (really, you use IE?)  to use the VPN as its slow and certain web sites may be restricted (because you shouldn’t be looking at facebook all day!)!

So what you need to do is change the network interface for the VPN to have a HIGH metric in the Advanced properties of the Networking interface.

This will force all traffic through your other network connection BUT and this is a big BUT, do the below after you have connected to what ever it is you want to connect to via your VPN (does that make sense? if not let me know in the comments)!

Turn your machine on, connect to the internet and then connect to the VPN, connect to what ever it is you do on your VPN,

Then Go to Network connections

Properties of undesirable network interface (VPN in this case but could be a Ethernet connection if you want to use your wireless for internet rather than Ethernet)

Properties > Double Click Internet Protocol Version 4 > Advanced

Deselect Automatic Metric

and enter a high number like 500

Ok Out,

and open Chrome or IE or what ever and check the IP to see what interface your routing out off!



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