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Convert Exchange 2003 Email Address book Policies to Exchange 2010 Email Address book polices

Posted by robd on May 24, 2017
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If you ever get this annoying message when opening an Email Address book policy:

The specified e-mail address policy couldn't be edited. E-mail address polices created with legacy versions of Exchange must be upgraded using the 'Set-EmailAddressPolicy' task, with the Exchange 2010 Recipient Filter specified.

This means the policies were created with old versions of Exchange, in my case Exchange 2003, you can find them all, looking for the word Legacy:

Get-EmailAddressPolicy | Select Identity, RecipientFilterType, RecipientFilter, LDAPRecipientFilter | FL

As you can this will show the ldap query too, the problem is if you run the Set-EmailAddressPolicy against this then you’ll break it, all custom filters (LDAP queries) will be reset to “mailnickname=*” which can result significant email outages.

So how to fix it.

Download this PS script:

Choose a policy to convert, copy the query from above and run the following:

.\ConvertFrom-LdapFilter.ps1 "(&(mailNickname=*)(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)(objectClass=user)(objectCategory=person)(mailNickname=*)(msExchHomeServerName=*)(objectCategory=user)("

So now we have this:

( ( Alias -ne $null ) -and ( ObjectCategory -like 'person' ) -and ( ObjectClass -eq'user' ) -and ( ObjectClass -eq 'user' ) -and ( ObjectCategory -like 'person' ) -and ( Alias -ne $null ) -and ( ServerLegacyDN -ne $null ) -and ( ObjectCategory -like 'user' ) -and ( WindowsEmailAddress -eq '' ) )

Now finially lets run the Set-EmailAddressPolicy (NOTE THE {} at the beginning and end, not a ” :

Set-EmailAddressPolicy -Identity "migrate-test" -RecipientFilter {( ( ( Alias -ne $null ) -and ( ( ObjectCategory -like 'person' ) -and ( ObjectClass -eq 'user' ) -and ( recipientType-eq 'UserMailbox' ) ) ) -and ( ObjectCategory -like 'user' ) -and ( WindowsEmailAddress -eq '' ) )

Done, F5 it in Exchange console and see if you can open it!!

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Exchange 2003 ISO

Posted by robd on November 13, 2015
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EDIT: Dropbox kept blocking my account for over use so I’ve had to move the ISO files to but if anyone has an better solutions or someone out there wouldn’t mind hosting them and sharing the infinite glory that is my blog then please let me know.  Thanks

So I’ve recently had to uninstall a huge Exchange 2003 infrastructure made up of EX03 standard and EX03 Enterprise, my biggest hardship was finding the media to run the uninstall process. Well after looking through old CD’s in dusty man caves I found both and thought I’d them:


Exchange 2003 Standard (EN_EXCH2003_Standard.ISO)

Exchange 2003 Enterprise (EN_EXCH2003_ENT.ISO)

As always anything you download off the internet make sure your scan it first for viruses etc.

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