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Posted by robd on August 06, 2020
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We’ve had this really frustrating issue for a few months where XenApp applications would launch then if a user closed the app or left it then they would be able open it again.

When you jump of the Citrix XenApp server you’d see the session but in a weird state.

Either like this:

or with the username but just a few processes listed:

  • Citrix Graphics (ctxgfx)

  • Client Server Runtime Process (csrss.exe)

  • Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe)

  • Windows Logon Application (Winlogin.exe)

  • Windows Logon User Interface Host (LogonUI.exe)

  • EMUser.exe – Ivanti service

The work around workaround is to kill winlogin.exe or loginui.exe or emuser.exe and the session ends.

If we remove DisableLogonUISuppression this problem goes away, but then when launching a published application users see a black screen.

So after doing a million things one of the guys at Ivanti found the issue, the App was taking more than 60,000 Milliseconds to launch so Citrix was shitting itself.

The fix, increase the Citrix policy “application launch wait timeout” in Citrix to 12,000 Milliseconds.

And bobs your uncle.

You’re probably asking, why the hell does an app take more 60,000 Milliseconds¬† to launch….well, I’m blaming Ivanti personalisation and Chrome.


If that doesnt help then check these out:



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