Site to Site VPN with Azure and a Draytek Router

Posted by robd on October 19, 2020
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Recently passed my AZ-104 exam (was a good challange).

One of the labs I wanted to setup was a Site to Site VPN and as I had a draytek router kicking about I thought I’d use it.

These are the things you need in Azure:

Local Network Gateway – This is the object that represents my draytek (or site)

Virtual network (vNet) – The network for everything to sit in, in Azure.

Virtual Network Gateway – The frontend of Azure, so the bit the draytek is looking at.

Public IP – For the VPN Gateway

A Azure VM to test with.

The vnet was pretty straight forward, my Azure VM was in here and VPN Gateway.





Now lets configure the Local Network Gateway, basically all you need to do is:

Enter your Drayteks public IP,

In address space enter in the subnet you use at home (or the site your connecting).

Now lets create a connection to the Draytek.

Note here I used IKEv1, thats because my Draytek didnt seem to support v2.

Now make a note of the public IP in the Local Network Gateway overview.

To the Draytek!!!

Enter the following

under IKE pre-shared key I used the key I setup earlier:

Thats it.

Check the Lan to Lan profile to see if its connected.

Now in Azure, try pinging the home network from the Azure VM:



I appreciate this isnt my best blog, sorry (I’m in a rush).

Here’s Microsofts official guide:



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Draytek Vigor 2920n

Posted by robd on February 09, 2013
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Had the weirdest issue with my Draytek Vigor 2920n router the other day,  so a mate came over the other day and enabled the wireless on his HTC One X mobile phone, two seconds later my Draytek  started continuously rebooting.


It would come up for a few seconds then reboot again, over and over.


So turned the wireless off and bam it was stable again!!


Had a flick about the internet and few other people are having the same issue, so contacted draytek.co.uk who have issued me a beta firmware for my router (beta_0414), so I’ll have my mate back over and let you know what happens!!

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