The Mysteries of VMware Zimbra

Posted by robd on May 04, 2013
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I had a replace a PC for a user today who’s email was hosted externally.

So after I replaced the PC I came to setup Outlook, checked the old PC and saw the following setup:


What on earth is

iC Exchange I think to myself!! Check the config:


What are these settings, I’ve never seen the like before!!!

So what do I do?!?  Well the Server must be accessible from the internet so after a bit of playing the server was accessible from and using some provided credentials I could logon!!

Once I logged on I realised I wasn’t looking at Exchange I was look at VMware Zimbra!!  I’ve never heard of this and watching the promotional video they said Exchange was legacy so I immediately decided they were stupid!!

Well reading about I found I needed a Outlook connector which I could download from any server running VMware Zimbra!!

So went to:

Downloaded the client, installed and used some provided credentials!! BAM done.

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