OPENSSL to export private key – Meru

Posted by robd on April 09, 2016

Certain devices require uploading a separate private/intermediate/root certificates. Intermediate / Root certificates are easily obtainable from issuers repository however, private keys need to be exported out (Meru Controller being one).


I’ve used a software called OPENSSL to export private key.

Commands are as follows:

  • Open up CMD and browse to OPENSSL location
  • openssl pkcs12 -in C:\temp\wildcardcert.pfx -nocerts -out privatekey.cer
  • It will ask you for a PFX password
  • Once entered it will ask you for another password to protect private key
  • Majority of devices will require unencrypted certificate so run the below command to decrypt it
  • openssl rsa -in C:\temp\privatekey.cer -out privatekeyunencrypted.cer
  • It will ask you for password for your private key.
  • Your private key should now be decrypted


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