Find where a user is logged on Remotely

Posted by robd on January 15, 2012

This is good one if you need to find a computer name and IP address and cant be bothered to get up and look.

Download Microsoft PSTOOLS specifically PSLOGGEDON from the suite.

Put the files somewhere easy to get to from a command prompt.

Its best to be logged onto as a Administrator.

Open CMD and navigate to the PSTOOLS location:

At the prompt type: PSLOGGEDON USERNAME  (i.e. the username of the person your looking for)

Hit enter and PSLOGGEDON will search through the registry of any PC on the domain for the credentials (very quickly). It will bring back which PC your user is logged onto both locally and remotely (i.e. if the user is RDP’D somewhere or is using a roaming profile).

Note; you don’t need to be logged on as Admin to run this, although some registries may be restricted

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