Draytek Vigor 2920n

Posted by robd on February 09, 2013

Had the weirdest issue with my Draytek Vigor 2920n router the other day,  so a mate came over the other day and enabled the wireless on his HTC One X mobile phone, two seconds later my Draytek  started continuously rebooting.


It would come up for a few seconds then reboot again, over and over.


So turned the wireless off and bam it was stable again!!


Had a flick about the internet and few other people are having the same issue, so contacted draytek.co.uk who have issued me a beta firmware for my router (beta_0414), so I’ll have my mate back over and let you know what happens!!

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  • I have a Vigor 2920n and 2 HTC One X phones. Since the HTC was ugraded to Android 4.1.1, I’m having exactly the same problem. Whenever a phone connects, the router reboots or sometimes gets in a blocked state. The router worked just fine before the upgrade. I have a few sites with different types of Draytek routers and the problem with my phone does not occur there. Only on the 2920.

    I disabled the built-in WiFi of the router and tried connecting using an AP800. The problem remains. I also tried not to use DHCP and set a fixed IP address on the phone. Still the same problem.

    I asked Draytek before but did not get any answer at all. Could you get me a copy of the beta, because I can no longer use my 2920 since our phones were upgraded. I’ll let you know if it solves anything.


  • Not having the same issues as you as don’t have the HTC Android phone, but I have a WAN2 speed issue (with QOS off) which I reported to Draytek as I could only get 60-70mbps when my VirginMedia Superhub could report 127mbps!

    Ok here are the bugs causing half throughput on the Draytek 2920VN router using WAN2 and CAT6 cables that has plagued me for well over a year (on any firmware).

    I can confirm the following:

    1. Remove any 3G dongle from USB port (mine was a Three Network UK (Huawei dongle) E367)
    2. Turn off Dos Defense
    3. Turn off App Enforcement
    4. Turn off URL Filter
    5. Turn off Content Filtering

    If the above is done, the FULL transfer rate of the WAN2 port is correct at the maximum of 127mbps which matches my VirginMedia Superhub.

  • Hi Robd, Did you have your mate back over to test? I have the same problem and have gotten around it by turning off the IPV6 on my router. If it worked, how can I get the firmware for it!?


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