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Posted by robd on February 09, 2012
Office 2010
For a upcoming Notes to Exchange migration I’ve had to come up with a method to amend an office installation on a desktop to add Outlook 2010!!


After much pondering and searching the internet I found this method:


Use the Office Setup Admin switch (setup.exe /admin) to create a new MSP file with all the features you need.


For example:


Start > Run


\\server\share\office2010\setup.exe /admin


Choose your version I.e. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 (32-bit):



Choose your OpenDocument Format i.e. I chose Keep Current Settings:



Go through the setup Choosing a Installation paths, company name etc:



I also like to specify the installation to be quiet:



Now On the Features section Choose the extra bits you need which in my case was Outlook 2010 But you could also remove features here like Office tools etc:


Finish the settings and save the msp to a share.


Once you’re ready to deploy (or test) you’ll need to add this line to a batch script and run it on a test machine:


MsiExec /p \\Server\share\office\Features.MSP /qn

Example batch Script:


@Echo off
REM *********************************************************************
REM Install Extra Features for Office
REM *********************************************************************

MsiExec /p \\Server\share\office\Features.MSP /qn

REM Stick a pause in if you need to trouble shoot!!
REM Pause


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