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Posted by robd on February 07, 2013

Recently we had some major system changed!!

We built a new VMware vCenter Server and upgraded all our ESX hosts to 5.1 then shifted all our VM’s to the new vCenter!

All was good in the world….until the witching hour and the Veeam backups kicked in!!


FAIL!  Massive Fail!!


Ok so my fault, Veeam can’t see the new vCentre…so I added it to the vCenter and made sure Veeam could see the VMs!  Gave it a try and they still failed with:


Task failed Error: Object SERVER not found.


Why, you ask…well the hosts have the same name but are also different due to the upgrade and the new vCenter so Veeam can work out how to route to the VM and most probably it’s going to try and route to the old host which technically doesn’t exist (on that vCenter)!!


So we need to edit the SQL Database and delete the duplicate host entries!


Here’s how:


--Find the duplicates
 SELECT name, count(name) as _dupes from [Hosts]
where type in (0,6)
group by name
having count(name) > 1
order by _dupes desc



-- Delete the duplicates where they match the old parent id of your old vCentre.
delete from [hosts]
where name = 'Host1.domain.local' and parent_id != '3242B2CC-022B-42C8-8AB2-BB77B2F2B5F2' or
name = 'Host2.domain.local' and parent_id != '3242B2CC-022B-42C8-8AB2-BB77B2F2B5F2'



Gave it another run and the backups worked!!

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