WSUS Issues – System.IO.IOException

Posted by robd on June 02, 2016

So we auto patch servers using WSUS (Version: 6.2 on Server 2012) which is great as all servers (and we have loads) get patched and we don’t have to do anything (except fix shitty MS updates).

Last week WSUS patched itself and all of a sudden the WSUS Admin console was inaccessible:

WSUS Error

Clicking the copy error to clipboard gave this:


So after much Googling I found KB3148812 is the update that broke it.

To recover your console, run the following in an elevated command prompt (assuming Windows is installed on drive C):

cd C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools

Wsusutil.exe postinstall /servicing

Then reset the server node or reboot WSUS, and you’re back in!


Once your back you may find that client scans against WSUS no longer succeed.

To restore client-server communication, enable HTTP Activation on your WSUS server via the Add Features and Roles Wizard in your Server Manager:

HTTP activation

Job Done.

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