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Posted by robd on July 03, 2017
Work Folders

All our users kept getting:


On the server we kept getting the following event:

To fix it:

  • I failed the roles over and rebooted both nodes of the cluster, nothing.
  • I disabled restarted the sync share through the server admin console,
  • I’ve tried to rename the metadata on the client:

  • I’ve tried repairing a user which seems broken:

So here’s the weird thing, I tried the following which seemed to fix it (I’ve no idea why):


So to apply to all users (which also worked), first I gained the users from the AD group I used (I dont have the AD functions on my work folders server):


Then used the CSV to apply the Get-SyncuserStatus to all users:


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5 Comments to Work Folders Syncing

  • Hi there, this is an interesting read. We are about to roll out Work Folders and I wonder what your experience of the technology has been like, as it seems most are going O365/OneDrive? I couldn’t contact you via the ‘About Me’ page but perhaps if you could drop me an email we could chat a bit?

  • There is a permanent fix for this.
    Give for a Groupe who use WF access to SyncShareState with rights “Edit”.

    • After more digging turns out that under:

      “XYZ:\SyncShareState\Workfolders” the group “local service” is there as “denied”.

      Give “local Service” premission “allowed”.

      Restart Server

      If you get “0x80070057” after that, it should be gone after some time.

      Hope this helps!

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