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Posted by robd on July 03, 2017
Work Folders

All our users kept getting:


On the server we kept getting the following event:

To fix it:

  • I failed the roles over and rebooted both nodes of the cluster, nothing.
  • I disabled restarted the sync share through the server admin console,
  • I’ve tried to rename the metadata on the client:

  • I’ve tried repairing a user which seems broken:

So here’s the weird thing, I tried the following which seemed to fix it (I’ve no idea why):


So to apply to all users (which also worked), first I gained the users from the AD group I used (I dont have the AD functions on my work folders server):


Then used the CSV to apply the Get-SyncuserStatus to all users:


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  • Hi there, this is an interesting read. We are about to roll out Work Folders and I wonder what your experience of the technology has been like, as it seems most are going O365/OneDrive? I couldn’t contact you via the ‘About Me’ page but perhaps if you could drop me an email we could chat a bit?

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