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Posted by robd on January 11, 2012

Now if you like me work in IT then at some point in your life you will have had to encrypt a laptop with one of the various corporate encryption tools such as:

McAfee Endpoint Encryption


Check point

etc etc etc….

Now I’m sure they all have benefits like remote kill switches and what not but personally I’ve never liked them, any of them……some take ages, some fail misserably and occasionally I have to re-build a laptop!

Recently though I came across something that for once I actually liked and its been under my nose for bloody ages!!

TrueCrypt, it encrypts and encrypts well with various Encryption Algorithms (such as AES with 256 bit key)!  So well in fact I may encrypt my own laptop with it and when it comes to IT at home I’m proper lazy!!

Also its easy, no servers and no thought, just three things!
A laptop
A Strong password
The software

(maybe a tutorial)

I would bore you with the how to install it but honestly I cant be bothered!! Search the interwebs and be amazed with the ease!

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