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Disable Dedup

Posted by robd on September 23, 2018
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How to disable Dedup:

First an important point about disabling dedup (via GUI or PowerShell), when you disable it only stops further deduplication from occurring i.e data that has already been deduplicated will remain deduplicated

If you want to “move” the data back to the original files and out of the deduplication store (Chunk Store) you need to use powershell command

start-dedupjob -Volume <VolumeLetter> -Type Unoptimization

You can check the status on where this is at by using


Here’s another gotcha, chunk size (love that name) will not get smaller until you run two more commands, GarbageCollection and Scrubbing.  GargabeCollection will find and remove unreferenced chunks and scrubbing will perform an integrity check but this wont work unless dedup is on….so enable dedup:

Enable-DedupVolume -Volume <VolumeLetter>

Then run garage collection:

start-dedupjob -Volume <VolumeLetter> -Type GarbageCollection

start-dedupjob -Volume <VolumeLetter> –Type Scrubbin

Once your drive is small again then disable dedup:

Disable-DedupVolume -Volume <VolumeLetter>

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