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Windows 7 Login Wallpaper with Group Policies

Posted by robd on October 09, 2012
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I’m sure you all know what group policiesare as I’m guessing you wouldn’t be here otherwise!

Well here’s a quick how to on the settings you need to set up a login Wallpaper for Win 7:

Firstly you’ll need a Domain Controller running Server 2008 (I used R2) or a Windows 7 workstation with the AD tools installed and be logged on as a admin of some sort (preferably a Domain Admin):

1. open group policy Management.

2. Go to: Computer Configuration\Preferences\Windows Settings\Files

3. Right-click the “Files” icon and click:  New > File

4. Select Replace

5. Type in the UNC path for your source file i.e. \\Server\Share\LogonWallpaper.jpg
     •Remember this file needs to be small, less than 256K
     •Also the permissions on this share need to allow the computer account READ access. If in doubt use “Authenticated Users”.
6. For the Destination File, type this (without the quotes): “%windir%\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\backgrounddefault.jpg
7. Click the “Common” tab

8. Select “Remove this item when it is no longer applied”. This will ensure your file is removed if:
     •The GPO is deleted or disabled
     •The workstation is moved to another OU
     •The policy is filtered out
     •You update your policy to send a new wallpaper file
9. Select Item-level targeting to specify only Windows 7 computers. This will ensure your file isn’t sent to versions of Windows that wouldn’t make use of it anyway i.e. XP.
10. Go to: Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Logon
11. Click “Always use custom logon background” and set it to “Enabled”

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