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Posted by robd on December 02, 2020
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Had a very frustraiting issue recently where our Zebra RF Scanners werent getting DHCP addresses on certain Cisco Access Points.

Only the scanners were not working, everything else seemed fine!

So I checked a heap of things:

Data Rates

Some of RF scanners are OLD, so its important to find out what data rates they require and then match your RF profile.

I suggest you profile the scanner using sometime like a WLANPi first just so you dont have to enable any older data rates.

Or use:

Read more about old data rates here.

Port Config

We run FlexConennect so was every port in a Trunk and did every port have have the correct vlans tags?


Where all the vlans trunked up to the core switch?

DHCP Server

Rebooted it and everything seems fine, lots of DHCP requests from other devices etc.

To be sure I did run wireshark and there were no requests from the scanners while on the “broken” APs.

Debug, Debug, Debug

I then started these debugs and waited forced the client to join again:

So the results showthis:

When it works it looks like this:

DHCP request,

DOT11 Auth

DOT11 Association


DHCP Request


When it doesnt, everything looks good until the end, no ACK from DHCP:

So what does this tell us? The DHCP requests are not getting to the DHCP server.

The Fix

So based on the above, I doubled checked the switches.

Trunks and ports were fine BUT I had missed something!!

Showed me I hadnt actually added the sodding vlan on the switch…… 🙁

Why did other devices work?

Well we use one SSID and Cisco ISE moves RF scanners to a different vlan when they’ve authed. Other devices dont use our special RF scanners VLAN.

The Lesson

Its never Wireless, its always something else!


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DHCP, DNS and DCPROMO issues

Posted by robd on May 07, 2013
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Today was an interesting, over the bank holiday I demoted an old 2003 domain controller, let’s call it Server1.

All went to plan, changed the IP address of the DNS on the network card and ran DCPROMO, nexting through all the options.

Reboot, ran a few tests:


Well that all seemed fine and all the results were great.

Tuesday comes round and I turn up to bedlam!!

Around 20 or 30 machines were referencing Server1 for DNS and since the dcpromo the DNS server only had Active Directory integrated DNS running meaning users couldn’t get to a host of sites!!

The question was though, why on earth were they referencing Server1?

To try and resolve I did the normal client side:

But no matter what I did the DNS server reverted back.

So after some thought I logged onto Sercver1 and checked DHCP because as you know DHCP assigns DNS and the default gateway etc to clients.

The service was enabled which worried me slightly and the Scopes were disabled but more importantly the Server options were all referencing the wrong server!!  So I quickly changed the options then disabled the DHCP service.

Rebooted the clients and Bam, everything was back up and running as it should.

For some strange reason the clients were using the  wrong DHCP server along with its incorrect settings.

So I urge you if you have this problem check all your DHCP server first!!

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