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Posted by robd on August 10, 2020
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Did you know you can also defrag local meta.edb files on a client?

Well you can:

Open a CMD prompt or PowerShell and naviate to:
Then Defraggle it:
esentutl /d meta.edb


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Work Folders – Defrag Baby

Posted by robd on July 29, 2020
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If Work Folders is being really really rubbish then move to OneDrive.

If thats not an option then try and defrag the Database:

Defrag the Work Folders sync database

Check the size of the metadata (meta.db) on the Work Folders server. If it’s over 500GiB in size, I recommend running defrag on the database.

The meta.db is located on the same volume as the Sync Share. For example, if the Sync Share is on the D: volume, the meta.db would be located under the following path:


To defrag the database, perform the following steps:

Stop and disable the SyncShareSvc service (so it doesn’t start)

Run the following command from an elevated command prompt:

esentutl /d <DRIVE>:\SyncShareState\syncsharename\metadata\meta.edb

This command will defragment and compact the database.

Once the esentutl operation completes, start the SyncShareSvc service

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