Meru Controller – Firmware upgrade

Posted by robd on April 10, 2016

First thing to do is install Filezilla installed and setup a user called meru with a password meru to a shared folder where the update file is stored.


Backing up your saved configuration to offbox (remote location)

First copy the running config as some backup file by using the below command


copy running-config backupconfig


Then copy the backupconfig file out off the box


copy backupconfig <a href="ftp://meru:meru@offbox-ipaddress/backupconfig">ftp://meru:meru@offbox-ipaddress/backupconfig</a> .


Next copy the update to the Meru controller, change the file name to match your firmware.


copy ftp://meru:meru@offbox-ipaddress/meru-5.1-93-MC3200-rpm.tar .


Once the file uploaded you can check its uploaded correctly, you may see more updates than just the running and the version you are on.


Show Flash


To start the firmware you need to disable the AP auto upgrade feature temporally


configure terminal
auto-ap-upgrade disable



Now to start the upgrade


upgrade system xxxx


where xxxx is the name of the new firmware code to which the controller has to be upgraded you can get this from the Show Flash command

It will update the AP’s first and then once they are rebooting it will update the controller and restart. Normally allow 1 hour to perform this work.  You sometimes have to upload the firmware in steps to get to the latest version.


Now turn AP auto upgrade back on

configure terminal
auto-ap-upgrade enable


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2 Comments to Meru Controller – Firmware upgrade

  • Where can one get a copy of meru 5.3 firmware? if you have can i please have a copy.

    i’ve a proble with upgrading my AP from 4.3 to 5.3 using the controller, also i am unable to copy the firmware from the controller.

    please help.


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