HP G7 N54L running ESXi 6.5 and Ubuntu

Posted by robd on December 11, 2017

I run a HP G7 N54L which has ESXi 6.5 installed, its getting old but its brilliant.

Anyhow, I ran a Windows 10 VM which I had Plex installed on, for some reason Plex gave up the ghost so I decided to install Ubuntu and was planning on installing Plex on there.

Grabbed the ISO and installed and 5 minutes after install the Ubuntu server froze, so rebooted, froze again.

After some digging I post a post that mentioned its a hardware issue sorted in ESXi 6.5 update 1.

So downloaded and update my server (note there was a warning that future releases of ESXi wont be supported on this CPU) and ran Ubuntu and it worked flawlessly.


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  • May i know build number of 6.5 installed on N54L? Also, is that HPE custom build or open version?

    I installed 6.5 d and 6.5 U2 (both HPE build), but somehow hang up after sometime, or even hangup when access via browser.

    I got N54L and P410 controller installed.


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