Execute Backup Exec jobs via a script

Posted by robd on August 16, 2012
Backup Exec 2010 R3, Veeam

Like me you may want to stat a backup exec job once something else has complete, for example when Veeam has finished backing up my VM environment I want BE to backup the Veeam files generated….so here’s how to execute Backup Exec jobs via a script:

1. Create your Backup Exec job with no scheduling, and make a note of the job name. (your_job_name)

2. Create a new batch file, using the following statements;

X:\Y\Z\bemcmd.exe -c”YOURBACKUPSERVER” -n”LOCALADMINISTRATOR” -p”PASSWORD” -o1 -j”your_job_name”


X:\Y\Z is the location of your BackupExec install directory if running locally, or the location of your BEMCMD.exe and supporting DLL’s if a remote server.

“YOURBACKUPSERVER” – FQDN or Netbios name of your BackupExec server

“LOCALADMINISTRATOR” – Local administrator account on the BE server. Consider using a local service account for this task.

“PASSWORD” – Local Admin account password. This is stored in plain text.

“your_job_name” – The name of your backup job in Backup Exec.

3. Configure your thrid party appkication to execute the script, and your backup job will be executed on the BE server.

Consider added alerting to your batch file if your 3rd party application does not feature reporting.

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