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Posted by robd on April 23, 2015

So it seems Chrome and Citrix have fallen out and no longer work well together after the latest Chrome update.

The issue: After clicking on a published application or desktop icon in StoreFront using Chrome either nothing opens or you get the following messages:

  • Cannot connect. To resolve this issue, please report this error to your helpdesk. Details: verify that the ICA connection is available and that the server address is present.
  • Setup cannot continue because this version of Receiver is incompatible with a previously installed version.


Error1 Error2


Back in November 2014, Google announced it would remove NPAPI support from Chrome.  They are making this change to “improve security, speed, and stability” of the browser.   In April 2105, they will change Chrome’s default settings to disable NPAPI before removing it entirely in September of 2015.

What does this mean fo users?

Receiver detection.  The NPAPI plugin that Receiver (Windows and Mac) installs allows Receiver for Web (aka StoreFront) to detect if Citrix Receiver is or is not installed.  Without this plugin, it assumes you do not have Receiver and will offer it for you to download and install.  As an aside, you may have noticed that Internet Explorer has an ActiveX control that does the same thing.  If your user does not have Receiver then they can not launch their Citrix application or desktop, so this is a good thing. If your user is already running Receiver but gets offered the Receiver download this will be confusing and could potentially be a bad thing.

Launching applications and desktops.   Let me explain what should happen when you click on the icon for, say, Outlook 2010 in StoreFront (aka Receiver for Web).  StoreFront will talk to a delivery controller to figure out what machine is hosting Outlook 2010 and has the lowest load.  StoreFront will then offer you a .ica file to download.  If you have the plugin, Windows will know that this is a configuration file that should be opened by Receiver.  Receiver will then connect you to your application.  This all happens quickly and seamless making it seem like Outlook 2010 launches immediately.

Without the plugin, you will download an .ica file but Outlook 2010 will not open until you click it.  Chrome does have the option (the arrow on the downloaded file) to “Always open files of this type” as shown in CTX136578.

Some Possible Fixes:
1) Re-enable the plugin using CTX137141.  This workaround will end in November 2015 when Google permanently disables NPAPI (this didnt work for me),
2) Customize StoreFront to remove the prompt to download Receiver with customized code,
3) Customize StoreFront with a link to download Receiver with customized code,
4) Enable a user setting to always open .ica files using CTX136578 (this also didnt work for me),
5) Use another browser not affected by the Chrome changes (this did work).

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