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More Work Folders

Posted by robd on December 21, 2018
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So more work folders, you lucky people.

After all the stuff I did in my last post, I kept getting this:

Basically the work folder on the server was creating itself so it wouldnt sync…..

So to fix, either:

1) Backup the users documents, then bin their profile from the computer, reboot.  Should re-create itself.

2) As the user, go to the sync share on the server and create a folder with the name of the username.

Both seem to work and if its for loads of users, you could create a logon script to create it.

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Work Folders – more fun

Posted by robd on December 20, 2018
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Recently set up more work folder syncs, seemed to work well then tragedy happened and it broke….well it broke for one sync share and all its users:

The disks on the server are setup as a cluster, so failed the disks to the second cluster which has worked in the past i.e. force the sync service to start again…no luck.

So next I found a reg setting that will allow Work Folders to support up to 16 Sync Shares per Work Folders server.

The default number of JET databases that can be opened simultaneously is 16 per server.

You can increase the number of JET databases by creating the EseParameterSettings registry value under the following key:

Value: EseParameterSettings

For JET_paramMaxInstances, the maximum value is 1024.

After creating the registry value, restart the Windows Sync Share (SyncShareSvc) service.

This is where I had some more issues.  The service just said “Stopping”, so fix this looked at the service and its called “svchost.exe”:

Looking in task managed there’s loads of svchost.exe files so check what the service is running as and then end the task that is accosicated to that user:

Boom, service stopped.

Start it up again… luck.

So at this point I was irritated, so I renamed the sync share folder and deleted the syncshare:

After that I re-created the folder and setup the share, PAYING VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE FOLDER PERMISSIONS!!!

Then created the share:

Well it still wasnt working, so I logged on as one the users and manually created their folder in the share location and all of a sudden it started working….I’m going to test a new user shortly to see if it creates the folders itself.


Work Folders Syncing

Posted by robd on July 03, 2017
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All our users kept getting:


On the server we kept getting the following event:

To fix it:

  • I failed the roles over and rebooted both nodes of the cluster, nothing.
  • I disabled restarted the sync share through the server admin console,
  • I’ve tried to rename the metadata on the client:

  • I’ve tried repairing a user which seems broken:

So here’s the weird thing, I tried the following which seemed to fix it (I’ve no idea why):


So to apply to all users (which also worked), first I gained the users from the AD group I used (I dont have the AD functions on my work folders server):


Then used the CSV to apply the Get-SyncuserStatus to all users:


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