Backup Exec 2010 R3 – Duplicate Jobs via Policies

Posted by robd on August 16, 2012
Backup Exec 2010 R3

Monday Morning and Daily Error Checking

Monday morning you may logon to diligently check if the backups have worked and see jobs failed, jobs Queuing (for no reason) and general mayhem.

If this is the case (which it will be), either cancel the jobs and wait for them to cancel (may take ages), if it fails to cancel for any reason then as a last resort reboot the server!

Now the server is backup and for the love of god the job fails again…..

So after looking at the job you realise it’s a Duplicate job based on a policy…… i.e. duplicate the stuff you’ve backed up to a tape or disk or somewhere else!!

Now what you may not know is backup exec secretly hates duplicate jobs and they want them to fail (I made this up, it could be true or not)!

Anyways, here’s a quick fix:

Right click the error and click “Edit Selection Job” Then Yes:

Enter the password for job (if like me you have a million domains then the password is needed to backup servers not on my main BE domain).

Then click View Selection Details tab!

If you see any entries that read:

[Set ###] /SUBDIR

Then Delete them from the selection list.

Do this for all the Red Error jobs.

Then Re-Run the failed jobs.

If this still fails:

Delete and remake the duplicate job in the policy,
Check the server its backing up,
Update the Backup Exec Client,
If you can reboot the server,
Shout at the Server,
Get another backup product.

Further to that Google the issue and pray to which ever god you have chosen (in the absence of a god then pray for a herd of cows to run through the server room, thus destroying backup exec).

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