About Me

Just a little about me, I work as a system administrator in the UK.

This site is just a output of my findings and thoughts!

If your wondering about the website name BohemianGrove.co.uk, it started as a joke (there’s a cult in the US called Bohemian Grove that has something to do with owls, hilarity ensued) and once the joke very quickly lost its humour I decided to make use of the site as IT blog.

I have a official qualifications in the following:

Computer Science BSc with Hons,

Microsoft Exchange 2003,

Microsoft Exchange 2007,

Microsoft Exchange 2010,

Cisco CCNA,

Cisco CCNA Wireless,

VMWare Associate.

For a full list of qualifications and information please see my linked in page here.

If any post of the posts on the site are useful and you fancy doing me a favour then feel free to disable your ad-blocker and click some adverts.